Diabetes Rehab Week 3 - The High Blood Blues

Average Blood Sugar 17.8

Urrghgh, well this week has been a total bust on the blood sugar front, its been one of those really frustrating, I hate shitty Diabetes weeks. For the first time in about 2 years I ended up in full blown DKA because I had a hypo, disconnected my pump and forgot to reconnect it and of course in my attempts to sort out my diet I had eaten breakfast lunch and dinner then that night I somehow managed to pull my pump out of my arm, in my sleep. 3 days this week I have spent in bed including today as I write this, I've missed work, I've missed important meetings and my blood has rarely seen below 20 and when it has its been hypo.

People are always highlighting Hypos and how awful they are, which I do agree with, but I find hypers to be much more draining, damaging and much less talked about. I hate being high, it's like everything slows down including my cognitive ability, my body feels pinned to the sofa or the bed and my bones feel as if they are made from lead, I can't breathe, everything aches and my vision swims. The only thing I am capable of is sleep.  Not a good look.

High blood takes me out of my life and that's why I hate it

So I think I'll have to mostly low carb next week to try and get rid of this extra sugar, the cgm will have to go on too, I had so much to do this week that I didn't want to beep all over the place but if I had put it in I would have known that I was high before it was too late.

This week Diabetes has let me known who is the boss, it's not me