Diabetes Rehab Week 1

Week 1 Stats, HbA1c 9.8, Cholesterol 6. Av Blood Sugar 12.1


Ok so as I am determined not to try and do everything at once I am going to break my entire problem into smaller parts and take them a quarter at a time. I struggle a lot with food and honestly I don't even know why any more, it's not a weight loss thing, in fact if I don't eat in a regular manner and am inconsistent I put on weight. As someone in recovery from an Eating Disorder and who also has hypothyroidism my metabolism goes into shut down if I don't eat, also I think that avoiding food in the morning is actually putting my liver on notice and making it dump out sugar, further affecting my BG readings. I then spend the whole day playing catch up and probably talking myself out of eating mentally because of my readings. So this month my focus is going to be about actually getting in a routine around breakfast. I am a notorious breakfast skipper, I hate eating in the morning I usually feel a bit sick. To allow for this I have bought a nutri bullet.

Urgh the nutri bullet

I have tried a few recipes to date but they have so far all tasted like regurgitated baby food, Disappointing considering how expensive it was :( My mum makes amazing things with hers but mine taste like shit, I will not give up however!!! I think drinking in the morning is much more attainable than having anything solid so I will soldier on, Of course one of the issues is the amount of carbs, I think this will probably be a process of trial and error, so if anyone knows any good recipes pass them on please :)


Ok so this week has been my first week of Diabetes Rehab and up until Thursday it was great. I actually managed to eat breakfast everyday, even though it was just a pot of yoghurt and some blueberries. This I found has totally ironed out my morning highs, confirming my suspicion that in the absence of food in the morning my liver is dumping out sugar. I premade my lunch of quinoa, roast veggies and home made chilli, lime and coriander humous for 4 days and had that down pretty solidly. I also wore my cgm consistently and thanks to my friend Alex's suggestion of injecting 20 mins pre eating for the first time ever avoided huge postprandial spikes and until Thursday never had a reading over 12 which for me is quite frankly miraculous. And then I fell off the wagon and I don't know why, it was just like all of a sudden I couldn't be arsed, I got up on Thursday and just didn't eat cue rocketing blood sugar, fatigue, the return of a cold I had successfully been getting rid of, malaise, avoiding emails. I have no idea why I did this so on Friday I was determined to get back on track, except I didn't have anything for breakfast so I just didn't eat again WHY oh Why - cue further illness a bloodsugar of 25 cancelled social plans and a general feeling of inadequacy. Yesterday I forced myself into a smoothie for breakfast but my CGM isn't back on and my BG was 15 this morning. And here I am writing instead of eating.

However I am not going to crucify myself any further 3 days of near perfection is a) something very new and b) something very positive so I will focus on turning that 3 into 4 next week. Next week however is crazy busy and I am speaking at an NHS event that I have spent about a year helping to organise, no doubt this will be stressful, I also will be working out of the house 3 evenings so I need a plan to ensure I eat properly.

In other news I have decided that I can't do this alone so I have utilised my Clinics Psychiatrist who has suggested (surprise surprise) CBT to deal with some of my residual issues around food. I have done CBT several times before and I have found it to be largely ineffectual however in those previous times I was severely mentally ill and CBT was the equivalent of a plaster on a gushing wound. I am in a much better place now and though I am wary I will give it a bash. I have been trying to find some kind of self therapy to do using audiobooks but none of it has really stuck so I don't have anything to lose.

I have also applied for a health trainer via Haringey council, it's free and I don't too much about it but I figure the more the merrier so lets see what happens with that    

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