Why am I restarting my blog?

So I have decided to restart my blog. And the reason for this is that despite my best efforts I'm still rather crap at making clothes. I have done all my research and I haven't found anything that's totally free and starts from the very very beginner level. I think that's why I have struggled. I still don't know what fabric to use and the terminology confuses me. I'm guessing at what 'should' be ok rather than actually going and asking someone who is much more knowledgeable than me. I get frustrated and bored and rather than taking the time to finish things properly I just steam ahead regardless and end up with projects that only look like they belong in the bin! Obviously that is not how to make clothes as my output has been well.... interesting

Also I am rather large so I have yet to find a good sewing pattern for my shape. I don't know about you, but the tutorials I follow on you tube, while normally very good are also a little to advanced for me, I don't really know what sort of tension I should be using or stitch length or anything like that and I've been too embarrassed to ask. As much as I am in awe of these tutors I have also noticed that most of them are rather petite and pretty and would look good in a plastic bag so hopefully I will be able to show you what these projects look like on a curvier frame. And I will be going out and asking the experts for advice too. It can't just be me who desperately wants to make lush clothes but lacks well.. talent and absolutely step by step instructions! So I've decided to document my journey into understanding the mystical world of clothes making and hopefully help some people along the way. I will be covering absolutely everything you need to know from fabric, to machine settings in micro detail and I will only be using free stuff I've found on the Internet and advice from nice people I've harassed to do so. I think initially the basic course will also use NO store bought patterns and start with very very basic shapes. I have a book that was recommended to me that has every item of clothing illustrated, all the different skirts and top shapes, and my goal is to make everyone of them, so I hope that you will sew along with me. Every week I'll be providing a list of everything that you will need and a video of what I've done (which will no doubt contain mistakes to avoid also) and machine setting I've used ect

So follow me on social media and sew along with me, ask questions (if you dare) and lets get sewing!!!