But It's been AGES!!!!!

I know because I've been really busy. In the time between blog posts I have, grown my baby charity into a snotty teenager who is over-demanding my time and money, got a first for my degree (I'm still pinching myself), had my dissertation nominated to the BPS ( I didn't win but don't tell anyone, it sounds much less impressive), been to America, met someone in person I never thought I would and stared my Masters in Research. Scary Biscuits. So as weird as it might seem, out of all that the highlight of my year so far was definitely going to WALMART.

Now as an avid Simpsons  south park and family guy watcher, it has always been a dream of mine to go to walmart, could it really be that vast and soulless, did they really greet you at the front door, could you really buy anything? Well the answer turned out to be yes, handily there was a MEGAWALMART right next to my hotel and I gleefully skipped off to it to buy tonnes of crap, seriously look how happy I am

This is the only picture I took which is actually quite shameful 

Have you ever seen anyone so happy to visit a Supermarket? I bought crap of all genres, a woolly hat, make up, jeans, chocolate flavoured vodka, a hoodie, loads of craft stuff but most importantly, I was tasked by my friend Vicky to find the most tacky gift to bring back. I think I win that challenge:

How amazingly shit is this!!

One thing I was really really struck by though was how cheap the material was. I brought back well over 21 meters and it cost me about 30 quid!!!!! Including a frankly amazing pink panther print that is going to look wicked regardless what I do with it (oh oh that sounded  like over confidence). I guess I'm feeling a bit positive because I finally finished a dress that I started 2 years ago - Its the same pattern as the original one I did with my mum so I had an advantage, but it is actually wearable, doesn't look like it's going to fall apart and is actually fairly cute: It is New Look Pattern 6567 here are some pictures

But as we all know pride comes before a fall!!! I tend to make stuff when I'm stressed out and at the moment I'm on red alert so I've got no doubt my next make will be a disaster

While typing this I have been listening to this which is just blissful