Ridiculously Photogenic Guy vs Me vs Baby Poo

So to add insult to injury this bloody picture has been all over the interwebs this week
smug wanker
Can I just say this - you sir are a dickhead, how dare you look so happy when running!! Running is NOT fun ! How can one look so composed? I don't get it! And while I'm at it look at the other women in this picture, granted they don't look as photogenic but still! They all look a damn sight better than me. AKA ridiculously unphotogenic girl after 5K.

Sexy I know 
 Yep take a second to look at the two pictures in contrast. I am the anti happy runner; sweaty, smelly, redfaced and full of hayfever. Its not getting better, yes granted I am now able to run 5 mins without stopping but to be brutally honest after 6 weeks I would expect a little more and I am now positively shitting myself about the 10k I'm running at the end of June. You know the carrot on a stick thing? I wonder if that would work for me, not a carrot obviously, maybe 20 B&H or a bottle of vodka. Maybe that's what the guy was smiling at? Maybe its Carmen Electra taking the picture? Either way he doesn't even look like he's got a sweat on the prick.

Anyway in crafty news I had good luck and bad luck today. As is often the case during exam time, sitting down to academic papers for any more than 20mins at a time makes me want to gouge my eyes out so I have to break up the drudgery with little distractions. I have had a pile of stuff to 'remodel' in the corner for ages and I decided that would make the perfect little study break. First I took a dress that I had and made it into a skirt. The prime reason for doing this was that my other half said he hated it. Alas, after I had re-purposed it this hadn't changed. In fact after I twirled around the living room, full of anticipation and hope, and asked him what he thought, I got the following

 'well it's still the colour of baby - poo innit' 

To be fair though if you look at the casing for the elastic I sewn in it looks like shit - I totally screwed it up and couldn't be arsed fixing it so its going in the bin. He's right anyway It looks like diarrhoea.

Anyway luckily for me I have a lot of study to do so I took myself off to repurpose a £4 Zara dress I picked up in a charity shop, It was supposed to be a size 14 but to be honest it was more like an age 14 year old skinny emo boy (with no tits.) So I lobbed off the vast majority of the material and turned it into a pretty summer skirt. I have to be honest this isn't usually my type of thing but I liked the print. I cocked up so massively on the first one that I really took my time with the ONE BIT of sewing I had to do here for the elastic casing. Unfortunately I still managed to sew the wrong sides of the elastic together so that it was all twisted grrrhhhh. I fixed it though and I must say that I'm pretty happy with the result. I even instagrammed it for extra girlie prettiness (wtf is happening to me!)

As some of you may know the reason that Im killing myself running is for charity. If anyone has any doubt that I'm actually enjoying this lets just have a quick review


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