Sometimes it's SHIT to be a woman

So tonight I went out with an old friend. It was so good to see her particularly because I feel like recently our circumstances have been conspiring against us meeting wise. It wasn't some big mad night out till X am it was literally a wee drink after work, which for her finished at 9pm. She literally had 2 drinks. This didn't stop a random (wanker A) at the bar winking at us, I wasn't sure what he was doing. I thought he must have a problem,  so I didn't say anything until he came over and started talking shit and actually touching my friend. This was crap but I was relieved that after this (and also my friend is more than capable of saying FUCK OFF should she think it merits it) he seemed to leave the bar. 30 mins later he appears outside as we are smoking, at this  point we are more blatant and he again retreats to the shadows, now, my friend has to work tomorrow and I have half a glass of red left so I say, it's cool you can go I don't mind, please get a goods night and we kiss cheeks and she leaves. I go back inside and guess who reappears, begging me to have a drink with him. yeah Wanker A I say NO NO NO I am going home and, after he brings me a drink which I refuse, he retreats again. 

I literally down my wine thinking, ok its too shady for me to be on my own now, I walk briskly towards the bus stop at which point another random guy starts rapping, yes RAPping at me, "you such a honey mummy wanna suck yo necta" At this point Im in a bad fucking mood, I told him 'I'm not a fucking bee get the fuck away', he says OH your Irish like me Im patrick, "Irish Honey wants mixed race money" I said "Im fucking Scottish not that its any of your fucking business and the only money Im interested in the money to get me on the bus and home so fuck off". At this point he backs away and I think, great - just me and radiohead on the headphones.

And then the bus comes, I tap in and sit down looking at wanker b out the window thinking ace, just me and radiohead...... nah........ at the last minute he jumps through the bus doors and starts gesturing and rapping again. I dont take my headphones out I put my head against the window and pretend I dont hear the 'soft milky white cunts of necta' and 'Ill take you up the ass, like wild irish grass'. Any way this goes on for about 25 minutes until another guy gets on the bus, he's obvi uncomfortable with the raps from wanker b and he's a big bugger, so I take one headphone out just in time to hear wanker b scream 'this my bitch, why you looking at my bitch' at this point Im shaking my head and gesturing to big guy that I am not his 'bitch'. I say - I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU - FUCK OFF YOU WEIRDO and at that point big guy gets up and I ding the bell to get off (way before my stop) and the door opens and I dash out and as I look back big guy has wanker b in a chest hold as he had obviously made a dash to come after me.  The bus driver gives me a thumbs up.

I took the well dodgy back streets 

I got home and kissed my fiancĂ©e goodnight because obviously I don't want him to worry and to be honest he is one of the most fair and balanced people I know. But at the same point I need  the other men who know and love me to know that this is what happens on a quiet 2 drink Thursday night out, every time you make a sexist joke,  every time you accidentally or otherwise demean a woman this is the end result. 

This is inexcusable, and this is one example from one week, which is actually not that bad, it didn't end in violence or sexual assault. And how sad is it that this is a 'GOOD' week