Sewing Patterns

So any of you who have followed my blog will know that this all started because of my mother (so blame her). She used to regale me with tales of beautiful frocks that she whipped up in a jiffy so she could go out 'to the dancing'. I decided somewhat fatefully that I wanted to be like that - problems a) I'm quite fat and b) I am as practical as a lump of clay. Anyway my lovely mother and I bought a pattern and made a dress together she made me a nice dress. Where I do use patterns I will do a full tutorial here. As I know how to use this particular pattern I may make another dress at somepoint out of it. I do have literally dozens of patterns all of which I have started to use got frustrated at the sizing and then filed them under f*ck you I'll try this again later. Hopefully once I've taught myself (and hopefully you also in the process) I will put them up here with a full youtube how to.

In the mean time this is the pattern New Look Sewing Pattern 6567 - Misses Dresses Sizes: A (6,8,10,12,14,16) I used for the first dress my mum and I ever made and some pics of how it turned out

I am so sucking my stomach in here: Please ignore the mess in my bedroom !!!