BBOOOOOOOHHHHH - Why do I not listen to my own advice?

So some more exciting stuff has happened. I had my graduation (well second graduation) so I am now officially jacq '2 degrees' Allan :) and I have the pictures to prove it

We took a lot of pictures on the day, and to be quite honest, as queen of the selfie I am not very keen on photos other people take. I always stress how I look, try to hide my chin, worry about my clothes. With this kinda event obvi we are looking for the 'official' photo (ie the one I can't avoid from the last graduation). And there were many contenders for this round, I however want 3

1)  I totally want this picture as one of my graduation photos. I HATE the last one I had, it haunts me wherever I go, at the grannies at the aunties at the rentals it's EVERYWHERE and I hate, hate, hate it. And this got me thinking about how I think about myself and how I look etc. etc. I have been planning on losing weight for this graduation since May....MAY. I think that its fairly obvious I haven't. But I love this picture, it's me how I look now, in the moment and truly happy, with one of my best mates. I genuinely don't give a shit what my weight is

Picture 1, Me and Crazy Krysha ;p
 2) I love this picture BECAUSE of how I look, granted I'm not 'thin' as I feel I should be but I look like the perfect mix of my parents and I LOVE that. You can tell that from my cheeks up I'm like my mum and down I'm like my dad. Can I also just say that they look AMAZING for their ages (which I wont say ha ha) I know that particularly at the moment my parents are breaking their backs so I can do my masters and I really hope that they think it will be worth it until I can self fund. I used to think I was nothing like my mum but I realise now I really am a 50/50, the mum half was just a bit latent ha ha. I like this picture of the three of us and I'd much rather have this that one on my own. I wish my brother was able to come but he's on another continent so I'll let him off ;P

with the rentals
3) Me and my long - suffering, this picture really says it all (just smile babe!)

Anyway, underneath this wonderfully fetching robe (I swear next year I will be making my own it was sooooo ridiculously uncomfortable) I was wearing a new skirt that I made using this tutorial

Which is great by the way but make sure that you hem the skirt part first as she states she forgot. Also while this is a great tutorial, because I was using a checked fabric I ignored the pleating instructions, thinking that I could just place the pleat based on my fabric. I also placed the front and back of the pleated sections in 2 seperate bits This was a BIG mistake as, I 1) stupidly only folded over half a check, instead of a whole check (which would have been over an inch) trying to save fabric (why????), this means that the pleats fell straight out; and 2) Didn't get my bottom seams to line up as I used two separate pieces of fabric. I fucked up one of the side seams it looks like shit too. Anyway I have since gone back over it and top stitched some of the checks vertically so they stay in better and have restitched the side seam that was a mess- here is how it looks now
Can you still be punk rock at 32?
Anyway, because I was in love with this check I also made a new top. I screwed up the dimensions a bit, over cut the fabric at the zip, the fabric was quite stretch compared to the original cotton that I did this in so there are a few issue but - BOO YAH - I did my first collar using this tutorial (woop woop)

I will definitely make a dress using this video also. Anyway - I had some issues with the collar and I would now advise stitching as close to the edge as possible so that you keep shape. If I had taken any of my previous advice I would have held off on those because I couldn't be arsed to fix it even when I knew it was higgilty - piggilty. It still looks OK though (or not?? I dunno???) It is at least the body is perfectly symmetrical which does make me pleased     

I will again, try and take my own advice, and my my mums, when she says 'measure measure and measure again!!!!'

Next week I'm off to buy a shit tonne of £1 per meter fabric to make a whole load of proper slopers for future patterns. I will only be doing them until I get them right (hmmmmm or will IIIIIIIII rah rah ha ha)

While I have been writing this I have been listening to this