Not So Crap at Craft? That's what I thought, until......

Yay I made stuffs!! And I've actually wore them, well some of them.

I started using this video to make an A - line Skirt. I have to say the video made everything really easy to understand and I made the skirt but for some bloody reason known only to my subconscious I used really inappropriate fabric. Or at least I can't decide if its too weird or not, I don't know. I have to say that it fits gorgeously and it's really really comfortable hmmm what do you think? I had a total nightmare with the zip for some reason but it now sits really nicely, I can't really think what else I would use the fabric for.

This was a really useful tutorial and now I have finally successfully used bias binding after avoiding it like the plague. I was really surprised that it was quite easy.

So following my relative success I got over excited and decided to make some more clothes. I now know that there are 3 key elements in dress making.

1) A proper pattern
2) Patience
3) Common Sense

Any regular reader of my blog will remember the mini breakdown I had when faced with the Burda patterns. I found this video on the internet and decided that rather than risk my sanity again I would make my own. I have to say I am really really pleased with the top I made using a pattern I drafted from another top. I also love this fabric which was part of my Walmart haul. Here is the finished result.

Must dashes and top hats, what's not to love.

So I did something that I've never done while making this top. I actually did it in stages over a week. Normally when I make something I'm so desperate just to get it wearable that I rush it, become frustrated and end up with wonky seams arms of different lengths and weird zip placements.

As you can see I used my new found confidence with bias binding to bind the edge of the neck. Once the top was finished it was nice but a bit tunic like and not really me so I threw a few bust darts in as the fabric was cotton and I hemmed the bottom edge after resizing the back piece to match the gap that the darts left and put an elastic waistband in so that I could play with the length and make it more shaped. It also has a back zip as the fabric is quite stiff. I am really chuffed with this actually because it is the first thing I've made that is very 'me' I love wide necklines and the print is nice and kooky and it's definitely something I would have picked up had I seen it in a shop.

And then disaster....

Just to prove that despite all this I am still totally capable of making the most ridiculous, novice errors, I did something really stupid. 

My mum bought me this skirt when we were in Matalan a few months ago and It's really comfy and really cute. I also loved the big box pleats. 

 So with this design in mind and using the previous A line skirt as a guideline I decided to make my own using the must dash fabric. I cut out my material adding 2 inches for each box pleat and stay stitched them in place and found a nice bit of elastic for the waist band and then 


Why I did this, why I thought that this would work I really don't know, it was as if I just suspended my belief in PHYSICS obviously it didn't fit and looked like shit before I realised that I need to make a waistband case, attach it to the main body of the skirt and then feed the elastic through to make the waistband. So I unpicked my fabric (delicately). I shaped one out of some scrap black fabric that I had and tried again. Thankfully this time it came together nicely

I have actually worn this skirt and its really comfy. fits perfectly and I'm now chuffed :) 

While writing this I have been listening to this (the woman is insane!!!)