And the Heavens Opened and the Angels Sang and Lo! Behold! I Produced Something that I Thought,' Ahhh I can Wear that in Public'

Until my boyfriend told me that it looked like it was made from a pair of old curtains (it was).

So my wonderful mother bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas (although a while before the day) after the Argos value fiasco. Its a Singer (ooh posh I know). Now while I am eternally grateful for this lovely gift. I think it demonstrates a mothers love. She has too much faith perhaps. And initially, so did I.

Now me being me I thought, ooh a Singer, I will be AMAZING and make TONNES of shit and it will look so professional all the while forgetting the one basic flaw in this theory. I am shit. So I started with the burda sew along cape thing which is labelled in big letters EASY (in other words if you can't do this.... get tested.) in the catalogue. That disaster is catalogued below. After this I was so disheartened that I thought I'll take a break from sewing and try knitting'. My auntie told me how easy it was and how when she was younger she could run up a jumper in 2 days. 2 Days!!!!! I was a very happy and excited bunny. However, I just couldn't  get it. Had I bought the wrong type of needles, perhaps? WTF was I doing wrong? I took myself back to the shop to buy another pair 2x the thickness, to my dismay, no change!!! 4 days of crying, needle throwing, swearing and my other half asking me if I needed my medication upped again later I realised that I was missing a stage in casting on, and that's why I couldn't get past 1 row of knit stitches. Lets just say that 3 rows in I was still so angry with myself that the knitting is back in the cupboard.

Pissed off and forlorn, my crappy half finished cape was on my duct tape dummy (that's another Greek tragedy for a later day) and it was just really pissing me off, the first thing I see in the morning, mocking me. I thought ENOUGH and I decided to turn it into something else. And so I turned to the internet and found this tutorial:

And dear readers what can I say. I ACTUALLY MADE IT AND IT'S NICE!!!! (regardless of my boys opinion) In fact what happened was that I made one and I was so so chuffed with it that I made it a shorter version. Now I know that it's only 3 pieces of material but I also put in zips, WELL, and hooks and eyes and as one was just a smidge too big belt loops. I'm so excited I could peeeeee my self. Both my wonderful creations are made from old curtains from the charity shop = £6.

Here they are!!!!

This is hanging for drying that seam is actually in the middle (honest)

This is just out the wash which is why it looks like this. 
More importantly the wash DIDN'T destroy it YAY ME!!

In the picture it is also folded at the back but thrust me it looks OK. So yay go me and a MASSIVE thank you to sweet material for posting the video! Next time I guess I'll try some pockets, darts a lining maybe hmmm. I'm very happy that finally something worked. Minor miracle infact!!!

While writing this I have been listening to this