GDMFSOAB: BurdaStyleBastards

Dear Burda Style, 

Why oh why do you hurt me so? All I ever wanted was a hobby, something to help me relax and feel a little better about myself. Alas this was not to be today. I know that when I look through your beautiful magazine I will not be able to make 99.9 % of your stuff and that is fine, I dream about 5 years in the future and being able to just 'whip up' a pair of trousers like the ones in your magazine. No, I know what I am and I accept that. However. If you publish a magazine that states it has an 'Easy sew along' Then it should really be EASY and part of that is actually starting with THE RIGHT BLODDY DIMENSIONS FOR THE PARTS YOU HAVE TO DRAFT YOURSELF. I have wasted a whole afternoon trying to relax and recuperate from root canal treatment, during which I had to have an injection RIGHT INTO THE NERVE YOU BURDA BASTARDS by using your pattern only to find that you have completely given the wrong dimensions to the lining strips for the pockets on the cape. In a normal pattern with someone who understands patterns, this might be OK , its probably being read by someone who could improvise. THIS IS NOT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU SAY EASY EASY EASY THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS YOU WANKERS. I am SHIT and IMPRACTICAL these are supposed to be FOOLPROOF. And anyway, even if they had have been the right length they would still be rectangles, bearing this in mind WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU STATE THAT YOU HAVE TO STITCH THE NARROW EDGES TOGETHER, WTF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN. ITS A RECTANGLE.

I hate you burda style, screw you and the horse you rode in on 

I have been listening to this