365 Day Challenge Starting on the 7th November

Clothes: I have a shameful amount of Clothes, truly shameful. At least 3/4 of the stuff I own is clothes. No one needs as many clothes as I have, and of course I probably only wear about 20% of them so for the next 365 days I am not allowed to buy any new clothes. This means, nothing from a 'new shop'. I will be reserving £20 per month for things I really need i.e. underwear From tomorrow if I really want an item of clothing I will either have to thrift it or make it and the money for this will come out the £20 budget. This also goes for bags and shoes. I also have a ridiculous collection of both. Buying like a lunatic was fine when I had a decent salary but I'm a charity director now and it just feels wasteful and gluttonous.

Money: I will actually set myself a weekly budget take it out in cash and leave my bank card somewhere out of reach, part of my problem is that I don't really think about spending I just hand someone my card and ignore it. For the next 365 days the aim is to use the bank card at the cash machine once a week only. I will be setting my first weekly budget on Sunday and seeing how that goes, I will from now on always know how much money I've got and I will start putting money into my savings account. I will also finally ask the trustees at my charity for a wage to cover the loss of earnings I have as a result of having to work 2 unpaid days a week for the charity.

Health: I have a lot of issues with my health and I'm on a lot of medication. Some of that medication is non negotiable but some, although it makes things easier, I could come off with a little effort. Recently my Diabetes Consultant told me he would like to put me on Statins. I am 30 years old, that is not happening. I have to take responsibility for my own health. The first thing I have to do is stop smoking, from tomorrow I will be cutting down to 10 a day and working from there. I am also going to stop drinking during the week. This should help my finances as well.

Diet & Exercise: Urrgghh this is something that I find incredibly hard to talk about, again as someone who has recovered from an eating disorder which has involved binging/ purging/ insulin omission/ medication abuse and over exercising I am really really good at ignoring things I should and shouldn't be doing. Its all in the name of protecting myself of course but now its become toxic, time to grow up and sort it out. The irony is when I eat well I lose weight, starving just makes me put on now (thank you hypothyroidism) but I struggle to be mindful of what I eat. That little voice is always there whispering in my ear. Tomorrow I am going to look at what I have in the fridge and plan a weeks worth of food and I am going to stick to at least 75% of it. I am also going to get back out on my bike which I absolutely love. From tommorow I am committing to doing 2 decent sessions of exercise a week. I know that it should be more but I have to be realistic with DWED and uni and I don't want to throw myself into something that will make me feel even worse if I fail. 2 Sessions is manageable.

Time Management: I am going to start properly scheduling my work time with DWED, at the moment I just feel like I am constantly in the middle of one of those huge balls made out of rubber bands and I'm becoming inefficient by taking on far too much at once with not enough help. I have wonderful volunteers and people bending over backwards to help me, now I just need to get them, organised. 

Whilst writing this I have been listening to this