The Twin set that was a Crap set and a really Crap circle skirt

Ok so I decided to start small. Skint, I took myself off to the charity shop to see if there was some fabric or some hideous monstrosity of a dress I could upcycle into some vintage-esque wonder. Unfortunately I live in Tottenham and as such the charity shop really is full of shit, but, maybe that is because it got raided in the riots (no joke, I think you can tell how crap the area is when looters hit carpet right and the charity shop first!). Gone are my student days when I used to flounce off to West Hampstead from my halls of residence to pick up some cheap as chips 501's or something wonderfully Shoreditch twatish from the 80's, no unfortunately what's left of my local charity shop is all BHS and Atmosphere. Nothing to upcycle there. I did however manage to get my hands on some cheap arse curtains, some lace, an old bed sheet and 2 cushion inserts (grand total of £7, cheaper than 20 malboro lights or 2 pints in Dirt Dicks!). How difficult could it be to make a cushion? I took my fabric home ripped open the sewing machine (took an hour to set it up) grabbed an old zip and started cutting. So far so good . Until I had to put in the zip. I have watched 1000's of tutorials on this so why I decided to ignore them all I'll never know. The result is a weird looking thing that I'm sure if thrown at the wrong angle could take someone's eye out.

Anyway as you can see I probably should have given up there, but I was so impressed with myself that I decided to make something else - trawling the internet I came across this wonderful tutorial on how to make a circle skirt

Easy I thought!!!, I especially like the bit where she just whisked over how to actually insert the zip as by this point I was hating them and not wanting to ever see one again. So I made the skirt and actually it was Ok hurrah!!. So excited I was by my new craftiness that when the boy got home I was all like 'LOOK LOOK I MADE STUFF' he burst out laughing and said 'what you've made is a skirt/ cushion twinset. You can't wear that out, you look like a Lampshade'. Lesson number 1 just because something can be made out of a fabric doesn't mean that it should be.

So I had good old look through my stash (this isn't my first foray into making a mess) and found some material that I thought would make an amazing circle skirt - Unfortunately for me it was a stretch velveteen which my mum has since told me is very hard to work with, Lesson number 2 ASK MUM FIRST. I thought it was just me, all my measurements went wonky I had to unpick the waist band and resew the zip at least 5 times, the material kept riding up. But, Oh, was I happy when it was finished. Well yes. Until I put it on. Then I realised that the material had actually come away from the seam and mangled it. Gutted. But hey - At least I got the Back Zip and Seam nice. Lesson number 3 KNOW YOUR FABRIC otherwise your project will be CRAPTASTIC

   Anyway here is what I have been listening too while writing this