Structure I Need Structure Damn It!!

Ok so I guess this post is just to set out how I plan to stop becoming crap at craft and start creating something other than noise or mess. There are so may resources on the interet it's mindboggling and it would be foolish not to take advantage of that. I also have some books and the other day I bought the september edition of burda style. The patterns are graded in difficulty so I'm going to start off with the easier ones and then move up. Each month I will be hoping to complete 3 projects, 1 off the internet, one from a book and one out of burda style. I will be starting with this free pattern from Laura Marsh

Link Here
And this is the pattern I have chosen from burda style
Link to the single pattern here

And depending on how they go I will be doing a project out of one of these books

Link here

link here

Link here
That is of course if I and my machine are still in one piece ha ha

Anyway while writing this I have been listening to this