Shrug....Off? The Upcycle that didn't work

Urrgghh, Why oh why do I do it? At the moment I don't have a sewing machine but I didn't let that stop me crafting, oh no. I thought that I would look for something I could hand sew. Only one problem there, I'm crap at hand sewing. Anyway I found this tutorial on the internet to make something that I thought would be cute and quick

Seriously, looks simple enough right? Well I'm sure it would have been if I'd actually followed the instructions instead of 'tweaking' them to see if I could make something 'more me'. What I keep forgetting is that more me actually translates to more shit. So I took myself off to the charity shop and bought this

Total cost 3 pound. I had this image of a kind of fleece shrug with a huge bow. I got 1) the material wrong 2) the hand stitching wonky, I stupidly thought that by stitching in embroidery thread it would be a 'design feature', it wasn't it just looked shit, so here is the down cycle

Yes I live with a BSG geek
hmm this isn't what the internet one looked like

It looked even worse on, to be fair that photo doesn't do the crapness justice. So I have decided that I am not going to do any other sewing projects until I have new machine... more news on this later.

Anyway.... in other news, look at what I picked up from the charity shop

Look at the fruity fabric how cool is that!!! I have absolutely no idea what I'll do with it but it was only 2 poond so I couldn't resist.

Anyway I decided that I wouldn't be a one trick pony and I would do something else crafy. I really liked this tutorial on fabulously artsy and thought these would make lovely Christmas gifts.

Sooo Cute
So I started off with a scale model and hurrah it worked so chuffed was I that I decided to get experimental (honestly it's like I can't help myself). I had some fabric paper and tried to glue it on and yes disaster stuck and the thing fell apart, now take a look at the project above..... Here is mine .....

.... In the bin.

So here is the sum total of a whole day crafting yesterday

I did actually really like the project though and I will give it another go with the proper material at some point in the future. Anyway. I'm depressed now so here is something that cheers me up