Great Success and then DISASTER

I did it, I did it, I actually made something. Sooo chuffed!! Remember the Charity Shop bed sheet I bought for a poond? Well here is what it used to look like

I just quite liked the wonky polka dots and I wanted to do some cheap stuff. Using the Laura Marsh pattern (see last post) I made myself some pyjama bottoms woo hoo here is the obligatory blog shot

I want to be like the other pretty blog girls, they make make beautiful vintage repros, but can they rock the PJ's? 
If this was taken 2 seconds later you'd
be looking at my 'Chill Out' purple pants now 

Ah I love pyjama's and I imagine that they will feature quite heavily in this blog given that I'm skint, need practice and the bedsheets are cheap. Anyway I got over excited at the fact that I'd made something and unfortunately decided to take some 'action shots' which resulted in my seam coming loose. I just didn't get it!!! Until I got some scrap material and whacked it through my machine. The tension has totally totally gone, I tried everything to fix it sure that it must be something I was doing. Then I phoned my mum. Lets just say, it's screwed. I guess that's what I get for buying Argos value range. Anyway. It's going back to Argos tomorrow. It's crap.

While I have been writing this I have been listening to this